Eyeballs Über Alles

Assaulted by a daily torrent of news and commentary, most of the general public is only dimly aware of the downhill slide of journalism in the US. But it’s disastrous: in the past two decades, the total number of journalists has shrunk dramatically…

Literary Intellectuals and Wokeism

This post is a diatribe against the dominance of culture war in public discourse, facilitated by literary intellectualism. The occasion is a recent essay in the conservative Chronicles Magazine by its editor, Paul Gottfried, entitled “Why Wokeism is not Marxist” …

Sample Videos: The Problem with Health Care

Check out Know The System’s two new sample animated videos here. Each is under five minutes in duration and is targeted for the general public.

The overarching thesis is that, while specific policy prescriptions are a good thing, it’s not what voters need to hear about in order for them to understand and (potentially) support reform.