Julian Looking Backward

Looking Backward

A Novella

Table of Contents

1 Watching the protesters  
2 Scott Joens and Tondal  
3 Julian's reawakening  
4 Barry and Ron  
5 Lou Rossini and Tondal  
6 Julian learns about the Amendment  
7 Ron participates in a plebiscite  
8 Doug Lea visits a Design class  
9 College students sparring  
10 Rosen's Poli Sci class - Week I  
11 Barry and KTS  
12 Kam visits Rosen's Poli Sci class – Week II  
13 Millie and Angel  
14 Julian, Edith, and the past century  
15 Jack, Paloma, and Ilya  
16 Jack and Paloma review activity choices  
17 Ilya pitches Ng  
18 Zuo initiates action  
19 Lincoln simulation demo  
20 Post-demonstration discussion  
21 Millie Rossini and old Jenna  
22 Ilya entreats Kam  
23 Current Events Day  
24 Philippe reveals truth to Julian  
25 Juanita learns about Capitalism  
26 Samuel Joens and Victor Green  
27 Frieda edifies friends about Tondal  
28 Lea has rigged KTS  
29 Virtual group project  
30 Julian, Edith, and Anderson  
31 Scott uses Professor Schilling's product  
32 Tondal's message  
33 Izzy learns about government  
34 The televised debate  
35 Mock election  
36 Lea's motives evaluated  
37 Lou and the Federal Reserve  
38 Sample test questions reviewed  
39 Ramesh spars with cousin Anil  
40 Nebraska's Globalist governor  
41 Jack deals with insurance  
42 The vote is in  
43 Carl's case study  
44 Zuo's summary  
45 Chun explores history  
46 Julian and Vic  
  Key Learning Points  

Light red: Learning scene

Light blue: Spy Drama scene