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We need reviews from concerned citizens like you! You do not need to be a recognized authority in a subject area to be able to spot flawed reasoning. If you see a video that leads viewers in the wrong direction, then please help the world to see the flaws.

Send us a short proposal or a draft via this Submission Page. We are glad to provide further guidance. There is no self-publishing on this site. Rules-compliant reviews are formatted and posted by Know The System editorial staff. Reviews can be as brief as three to four paragraphs.

Your review/critique will have a large potential audience: each PragerU video is seen by millions of viewers.


1. Reviews should be at least 150 words, and generally should be less than 750. (200 words is typically about 3-4 paragraphs.)

2. No rants wanted. The tone should be dispassionate and plainspoken. It sometimes can also be helpful to acknowledge a fair point made in the video.

3. If you don’t already have a specific video in mind, browse to look for topics that interest you. Here are the categories of videos listed on the PragerU site:

  • Political Science
  • History
  • Life Studies
  • Economics
  • Religion/Philosophy
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Environmental Science
  • Race Relations

(Note: Their "Political Science" is not unduly academic and it covers a wide range of issues.)

4. Any 5-minute video is fair game, including videos that have already been reviewed by others (what’s your take?) Pick a newer one, or an older one—PragerU videos do not track the news cycle, and they are designed for an extended shelf-life.

5. Familiarity with rhetorical devices and logical fallacies can be helpful. Where applicable, feel free within the stream of your review to name the type of fallacy employed by the presenter. Also, it can be helpful to point out a key issue or fact the presenter left out.

6. Do assume that your reader has already seen the video. No need to waste time explaining what the topic of the video is about.

7. Submissions are non-exclusive: you can feel free to repost your review or parts of it anywhere else.

8. Though not encouraged, upon request a pseudonym can be published with your review.

9. This is not an academic journal. Reviews are wanted from a wide range of contributors (including college students, writers, educators, political junkies, etc.) But experts are also invited, especially in cases where a video makes scientific assertions that are factually wrong.

10. Commentary about the PragerU organization itself is not wanted. Nor are ad hominem attacks or incendiary accusations.

11. Proofreading, formatting, and publishing will be performed by Know The System. Embedded links to supporting material are permitted, as are very short quotations from the video. No edits will be published without your prior permission.

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